Thursday, 20 June 2013

Take a bow

I was inspired to make this necklace after seeing a technique to create the bow feature. It's fairly simple, with the loops created by threading beads onto mono-filament which is then crossed through a larger, central bead. The "ends" of the bow are made by putting wire through the same central bead, adding coordinating small beads and turning loops at the ends to secure. I like the fact that the ends can be positioned slightly to change their shape.

Once the bow was made I spent my usual few days looking at it, trying to decide how to use it. Eventually I opted for this necklace in a rosary style. I made a number of links using eye-pins threaded with either glass E-beads or dyed shell beads. I then connected these, alternating the bead-type, with small links made up of short wire coils made up on a gizmo tool. (I discussed this more in the "Wire-work rings" post in April). I like the final result, but I think there might be more uses for that pretty little bow - a brooch, maybe? It might even work on a pair of earrings. And one day, if I ever get adventurous enough, possibly even on a tiara or fascinator!

This piece is for sale in my Etsy shop.

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