Monday, 25 May 2015

Knitted rug

I've realised that since I started writing this blog, I have completed three knitted jumpers and a knitted rug, but I have only written about one of them!
In that post, I confessed that knitting isn't a natural love for me, which maybe explains my reluctance to put fingers to keyboard for it. However, I also think I'm doing a disservice. So, with a view to getting something out there rapidly, here's the knitted rug.

I knitted it on 10mm needles, using between five and seven strands at any time (I varied it if the yarns were particularly thick or thin). I was using up all sorts of odds and ends, and the only rule that I applied was to change the colour whenever a yarn ran out. I even stitched in all the ends! (Just polishing my halo)

I've made a couple of these before, but always in garter stitch. I like the effect of this stocking stitch version - I just have to wait and see if it curls too much to be practical, in which case I will sew a backing onto it. Either way, I need to stand up and proclaim "I AM PROUD TO BE A KNITTER!"



  1. Great colours, where are you going to display it?

    1. Thank-you, Josie. I think it might end up in the bathroom, or possibly the bedroom. It's beautifully squidgy under bare toes! Hx


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