Monday, 8 December 2014

A circle of hearts

This is another idea I had for needle-felted fabric. Again, I was using re-purposed sweatshirt fabric as a base, and I needle-felted wool scraps onto it for a pattern. I then cut out the heart shapes, along with a neutral fabric for backing.

In contrast to the heart-shaped badges I have previously made, this time I slightly stuffed each heart as I stitched them up. This gives a satisfying plumpness to the pieces.
When I had completed a number of the hearts, I sewed them together into the circle shape. Eight hearts seems to be the minimum number that worked (without producing a very strange shape!), but more could have been effective too.

 I then tied a bow in ribbon that matched the sewing thread, and stitched it onto the top of the heart circle to create a hanging loop.

 I like the result, and made these two matching heart banners to hang alongside. The construction technique was basically the same, although this time I anchored the ribbon through the centre of each heart as I stitched them together.

It is difficult to tell from these pictures, but the ribbons form a loop at the top of each banner. The pieces can be suspended as a decorative group, or positioned separately to provide individual decoration. A bit of loving warmth for this festive season.....

Happy Christmas, all!

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