Friday, 30 October 2015

Complete! - the two dress mash-up

Well, we never did come up with an official term for combing two dresses into one garment (Whatsitsname), but I'm glad to say, it's done! I unpicked, re-positioned and re-stitched to produce a dress that not only fits me better, but also looks more up-to-date and stylish.
By removing the central panel from each of the two dresses, and replacing the plain blue one with the floral one, I've managed to create a passable impression of a "body-con" dress. The floral panel was slightly wider than the plain one it was replacing, so gave me a few extra centimetres to accommodate my slightly curvier shape. I had to cut into the yoke panel on the plain dress, which was a bit scary - for everything else I had just been following established seams. I placed the floral panel on top, and used that as a template for the required shape. It's worked quite well, although the new bust-line is quite high. This is a dress that needs to be worn with really good underwear!

I was also very lucky with the lengths of the two dresses - they were really very close. For a few brief moments of joy I had thought that they were exactly the same length, but actually there was about half a centimetre's difference. Luckily the length belonged to the plain dress, so it was a simple case of lowering the floral panel a little, rather than the whole dress. Phew!

I'm pleased with the finished result, and even had it done in time to wear to a summer wedding. Project completed and on time - result!

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