Saturday, 24 September 2016


I've always had a bit of a scatter-gun approach to crafting. Like many crafters, I love trying new techniques and experimenting with different crafts. Unfortunately this can lead to quite a few UFO's (un-finished objects!) as I spot a new technique before I've finished a project, and just can't wait to dive in.

I have tried to be strict with myself, making an unwritten rule that I will only have three projects on the go at any one time and that I am not allowed to start an new project until I have finished one. This fails. One glance at my "PHD list" is evidence of this. The list has a couple of items that have been there for months (if not years). These are projects that have been abandoned for one excuse or another, but always usurped by another idea.

And then there are projects that are completed before they can even make it to the list. These are generally quick makes that I've seen somewhere else, that I just have to try out immediately. So, in homage to the long-suffering unfinished pieces (they'll get completed one day), and as a tribute to those rapid impulse projects, I am listing them both here. All the pictures are of the distraction projects.

Unfinished/interrupted/stalled projects

  • the guilt quilt (a pile of patchwork squares and cut pieces in the bottom drawer of my craft cupboard)
  • the T-shirt patchwork - I blame this stalling on my overlocker becoming temperamental. It's a flimsy excuse
  • A teddy bear - I've got as far as cutting it out....
  • Canvaswork embroidery - to be fair, I can only do this for short intervals
  • and then there are any larger dressmaking, knitting or crochet projects that I might have on the go at any one time.....

Interrupting impulse makes

  • wet-felted flowers - I saw how easy this was on TV, and had to try
  • Flat-wire "rose" rings - I got a lucky-dip jewellery-making bag, and had no idea what to do with the flat wire enclosed. After researching, I had to see if it was possible....
  • Crochet hexagons - just make up a sample to see if my idea will work on a bigger scale
  • French beaded flowers - seemed like a good way to use up some of those masses of seed-beads I was given
  • Beaded dragonfly - same excuse!
  • Underwear - well, I need some new ones, they're fairly quick, and I have to perfect comfort as well as prettiness
  • Hairpin crochet - this is great! It will work up fast and looks amazing. Need to check I can do it before I try and tackle a big project.
  • Netting bag - again, I can do this quickly just to experiment. I think it will be really useful in the future...
Well, you get the idea. I'm sure I'm not the only crafter guilty of such fickleness! Hurrah for eclectic skills!

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