Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Beaded stars and strings of hearts

Oh dear. I've found Pinterest. I had avoided it for ages, but have finally succumbed. Why didn't I do this before???!!!

I am simultaneously drowning in inspiration and gasping with a drought of time - too long spent gazing excitedly at the computer screen. So, quite apart from the compulsory Christmas makes, I am only allowing myself to be distracted by the quickest of makes... or those which could become Christmas presents. (The justifications of a self-confessed crafting-addict!)

These two projects fall into a category each. The string of hearts was so ridiculously easy that I felt the need to complicate it slightly by needle-felting the fabric before making up. Fun, and still speedy, and at about a metre-and-a-half in length, it looks impressive too.

The beaded stars came about because I saw a tutorial at the exact moment that I needed an absorbing project that wasn't too complicated or time-consuming. Perfect. As a result I've made a fair few, and most of my friends will be getting one for Christmas.

Have a happy and crafty Christmas, everyone.


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