Friday, 26 July 2013

A short alteration

I had a pair of unexciting, but comfortable, grey sweatpants. Hubby hated them - probably because they were my trousers for slobbing around the house in. They were the trousers I wore when I wasn't going out and just wanted to be comfortable, and I would ignore Hubby's moans of "they're not flattering, and they are so grey!"

So he got quite animated when they developed a hole in the knee. He foolishly believed I would have no choice but to bin them. To be honest, if I had still been at work, I probably would have binned them. But I'm still convalescing, so I have lots of time and not much money. The urge to re-use and up-cycle is very strong in me at the moment. So I turned them into shorts.

They are still not very flattering, and they are still grey, but most of all they are still comfortable. And with the recent heatwave we've been experiencing in the UK, they've still been useful.

I made them a bit more interesting by adding a ruffled detail around the hem. Pin-tucks stitched in opposite directions achieved this quite effectively - even on the t-shirt fabric. I think ideally they could have done with being a little bit shorter. Worn with a long t-shirt they can tend to look like Victorian cami-knickers! But over all I am pleased with the result.

And Hubby's response? "They look good, but you are never going to throw those away, are you? When the shorts wear out you'll probably turn them into a pair of knickers!" Now there's an idea....!


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