Wednesday, 7 August 2013

More wire-work rings

If you read my post about wire-work rings (10th April 2013), you will have seen some of the creations I was playing with. I'm quite proud of them, but they are not rings I would necessarily wear. I have skinny fingers, and tend to prefer rings that are more delicate in appearance. Chunky rings on me can make my hands look positively skeletal!

So when I saw this design for a smaller style, I got quite inspired. This ring, with it's turquoise coloured bead, was my first attempt at the style. The main body of the ring is made using a more substantial wire - in this case 1.2mm. The ends of it are formed into loops, and then the ring is shaped around a ring mandrel.

The bead is threaded onto a thinner wire (0.4 or 0.6mm work well), and positioned between the loops. Either end of the wire is then threaded through them, and the loose ends tidied by wire-wrapping them around the ring body. I like the look of using contrasting wire (as above), although it does show up the mistake I made in the wire-wrapping! (Incidentally, this was easily remedied on my second attempt, by ensuring that I had equal lengths of wire protruding from either side.)

This second ring used the same technique, but with a corresponding colour of wire, and with two small chips of amber instead of a single bead. The stones stand quite proud above the finger, but the ring maintains it's daintiness because of the single strand of wire forming the shank.

So far, I've only managed to make these rings to fit my little finger, but I'm hoping that with a bit more experience (and slightly more wire!) I'll become more proficient at creating them in a range of sizes.

The amber ring is available for sale in my Etsy shop.

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