Thursday, 29 August 2013

Distracted by a cushion!

I'm very aware that the things I have listed as my "works in progress" bear very little relation to what I am writing about in my posts. In some cases this is because I started writing long after finishing the projects and it is only now that I am sharing them with you. In other cases, as with this one, it is because I've been completely carried away by an idea, and have decided to quickly run it up before finishing anything else!

I saw a technique for crazy patchwork, and it set my mind buzzing as a use for all the oddments of fabric I have left over from dress-making. I've got lots of oddly shaped bits and pieces stashed away - leftovers from cutting out garments. They are too big to throw away, but not big enough to be of much use (rag-rugs excepted!) Then I saw this technique of "stitch and flip" which would successfully find a use for them.

There are waste pieces from blouses, trousers, skirts and shirts, as well as a few bits I've held on to just because I thought they were too good to throw out. I cheated a bit by stitching them onto a backing fabric (in this case, an old t-shirt I was going to throw out), and then backed the whole thing to make this envelope cushion cover.
Hurrah for never throwing anything away!

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