Thursday, 16 June 2016

Striped Cardigan

I'm beginning to suspect that my love/hate relationship to knitting is quite deep-seated (see my confession in Knitted rug). I finished this cardigan some time ago, and made a mental note that I needed to get some pictures of it before I could write my post. Usually I would start writing, and keep the post as a draft until I got everything together for publishing. At the very least, I would write a title and keep it in the drafts file as a reminder (I've currently got about ten of these!)

But no! Nothing! Today I realised that I hadn't even saved a title, let alone a draft, let alone published!! And actually, I enjoyed making it. And also, I've worn it loads and received lots of compliments. And I even bought a new camera last month and this was one of the first projects I took pictures of. And I still forgot to write the post!!

So, long overdue, and with more pride than I seem prepared to admit to myself, here is my stripey knitted cardigan.

The design is by Susie Johns, and is a "stash-buster" designed to use up lots of odds and ends. The pattern is available free on the "Lets Knit" website at Striped cardigan.

I really enjoyed making it. Creating a random design of stripes and then following it for each piece appealed to me, and made the process seem much faster. The only downside was stitching in all those ends! I thought I was doing quite well by passing the yarns up the sides of the pieces until I was ready to use each colour again. But I still ended up with a lot of loose ends when I needed to shape the tops of sleeves, armholes and neck.
I have since learned that there is another technique of knitting the ends in as you go. Oh that would have been useful to know!

 I did use some odds and ends, but mostly I was using a selection of random but complete balls of yarn that I had bought. The buttons were from my stash - so those were the only true "stash-busting" elements of this project.

I enjoyed making it and I enjoy wearing it. Most of all, because of the range of colours, it goes with just about anything. Result!

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